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We insist upon top quality products from nationally recognized manufacturers. The good news is that you do have a choice. The natural gas industry in your area has been deregulated. The easiest way to understand natural gas deregulation is to think of it like telecommunications deregulation, but instead of using phone lines, we are using natural gas lines. We sell natural gas at a discount, which is transported to your facility using the existing utility pipelines. There are no set-up fees or connection fees, and once you have been enrolled, you can expect to be receiving cheaper TIGER supply within one to two bill cycles.

Tiger has minimal overhead allowing us to be more flexible and seek the best price for our natural gas. We then pass the savings on to our customers. Deregulation prohibits utilities making a profit off of the natural gas supply itself, so naturally utility procurement strategies tend to not be as competitive as TIGER’s.

There is no risk in switching to Tiger as your natural gas supplier. Tiger has been in business for more than 25 years, and we are devoted to providing superior customer service with your satisfaction being our top priority. Join the thousands of companies who have made the switch to Tiger and start saving money on your natural gas.

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