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Steve Barnes,

Owner, State Gas Company Florida a business energy company owner for over 30 years. Providing transportation natural gas, commercial and hospitality gas with service and pricing second to none. Mr Barnes has found that his long history in the energy field has helped his clients maximize their company energy portfolio. We accept the challenges of the transition, from the normal fuel that has been our counties mainstay for over 75 years to our current natural gas transportation supply unlimited. New process of extraction of our nations natural gas has made it a reality that natural gas is our fuel of today.  

Prior to moving to Florida, Mr. Barnes owned and operated, The Solar is Our Solution heating and development company and the Barnes Plumbing Company all  located in northern California, providing solar systems for over 500 homes,150 businesses and 100 plus apartments for the University of California at the campus of Santa Cruz. During this time he served as the President of the Monterey Bay Chapter of the California Solar Energy Association, President of the Building Trades Association and political activist, served on the California State Solar advisory board, the Cabrillo State College construction advisory board and assisted in the development of the California State Contractor Licensure exam requirements for the solar industry.

Steve Barnes


Bud Snyder,

Bud came to us after spending 40 years working in the petroleum industry in South Florida as a sales and district manager. His in depth knowledge of gas station/c-store operations benefits our petroleum clients by showing  how to conserve energy, Providing Natural gas to the Gas Station business state wide and Natural gas station design. Bud can also provide reductions in Energy by installing LED lighting, Power Factor Correction, and many other recommendations of facility operations.

Bud’s extensive professional contact’s in South Florida’s petroleum supply, equipment and c-store vendors is invaluable to our company and clients.

Bud also is a licensed real estate agent specializing in the sale and acquisition of gas station c-stores. Give Bud a call today and let him light the way to better profits for your operation.

Bud Snyder
Senior Broker



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