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 Florida State Natural Gas Company, is giving you a look at the current

  landscape of Natural Gas CNG, Fleet and private natural gas systems. 


                                      Oklahoma Department of Transportation NEW DODGE FLEET                    Fueling your car at the new CNG gas stations

Compressed Natural Gas Auto/Truck and investment Tax Incentives

                                                                                                                          CNG FUEL CALCULATOR

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Power-Smart Solutions

  Sharing our knowledge of energy-efficient CNG transportation products and facility management is part of the value State Gas Company brings to our customers every day. Our mission is to increase your energy efficiency today and into the future while extending the life of your transportation equipment and reducing maintenance costs. Of course you get the added benefit of bolstering your environmental stewardship. Every client is unique and requires a customized combination of products and services to maximum its energy efficiency. Our products and services, whether used separately or together, provide intelligent energy saving options that will work to your advantage. Please take the time to review the video on this page, it will help you understand that the future is now.


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