Florida State Natural Gas Company 
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CNG Mini Station Equipment , Compressors, Storage Tanks and Equipment Design.                             


Compressed Natural Gas, typical fueling equipment. 

                                                                            Gas filling units at home


                                                                    Gas filling units for work fleets



             Fast fill equipment with multiple storage CNG spheres and compressor equipment on the right.




Natural gas CNG compressor station and remote filling pump.




       Bauer CNG compressor system                              

This information is brought to you for your review of the current ability to provide natural gas CNG for your customers as well as supply natural gas for large fleet accounts.

Fleet CNG account examples:
Food and beverage, large chain distribution centers, local city and county fleet vehicles, service industry contractors, laundry service and long haul trucking.
Give us a call for a site assessment.

Steve Barnes
State Gas Company

State Gas Company

We can supply your company with all your Natural gas needs. From gas station building, auto and truck gas conversion, to keeping you restaurant gas budget lower than it's ever been. Just give us a sample of your existing gas billing for one year and we will lower your existing gas prices.
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