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. We are happy to announce that we are capable of supplying you with all of your Natural Gas CNG needs. We are specializing in transportation supply of CNG for new company fleet accounts, we can save you up to 40% by converting from your existing fuel.

We can assist you with the design of your company CNG filling station equipment, by providing you with project management and recommendations for your new CNG filling equipment. This includes project management for you during the construction of your filling station. Our services will assist from permit application through the ribbon cutting of the grand opening. We also supply recommendations on conversion of your existing fleet or for new CNG fleet purchases.  

We have joined services with Tiger Natural Gas as leader in natural gas supplies in this field, having many California based companies using their gas programs.Tiger Natural Gas is also the supplier to the Pepsi Company and a large restaurant client base through California and Colorado.

Lutz Petroleum Equipment Installations, Inc.
 Just joined our team of CNG fuel station builders. Lutz has 90 years of station building experience and brings together a complete team of partners to complete any station building projects.

Precision Automotive Center is serving all of South Florida for your auto/light and heavy duty truck conversions. installing DOT approved equipment. Ask for Mike Thomas.    

We look forward to calling on you soon, to provide your company with a energy survey to determin how we can serve you.

Steve Barnes
State Gas Company

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